Flat roofs are not as simple as you might think. In Birmingham, flat roofing is one of the most challenging roof designs, but they are gaining popularity because of their remarkable advantages in terms of functionality and aesthetics. So, if you plan on giving your house a flat roof, you should only trust the best roofers Birmingham has to offer.

Flat roofs are a cornerstone of mid-century modern architecture, exhibiting minimalism that characterises contemporary design. They are favoured by homeowners who are fond of open-air spaces since the levelled roof surface opens up an extra outdoor living area and creates captivating exterior features!

Apart from the visual impact, the impressive performance of a flat roof as a protective structure has proved doubters wrong. According to many roofers in Birmingham, these are the top reasons why flat roofs are becoming a city favourite:

  1. Long-lasting and Durable

    The materials used for flat roofs make for excellent reinforcement against harsh rain, hail, snow, branches, and debris.

  2. Stronger Wind Resistance

    Compared to pitched and sloped roofs, a flat roof can stand heavy gusts of wind better. When exposed to strong air currents, shingles are blown and lifted upwards, which will require repairs – a concern you won’t have to deal with when you have a flat roof.

  3. Uncomplicated Roofing Solution

    Flat roofs are constructed much faster compared to angled types because it does not require tedious and intricate shingle-work. Professionals will only need to focus on proper application of the materials to ensure they are wind resistant and water tight.

  4. Easy Maintenance

    Flat roofing does not need a lot of maintenance work despite the seasonal rainy weather in the area. Furthermore, rain gutters are easier and safer to clean with a levelled floor.

  5. Economical Option

    On top of all these advantages, flat roofs cost much lower than any other roofing systems in terms of required supplies, maintenance, and total labour fees. Because of its straightforward structure, repair fees are just a fraction of sloped roofs.

What Makes Flat Roofing This Efficient?

You will need two things to get a guarantee of enjoying all these benefits: high quality Birmingham flat roofing materials; paired with expert construction.

Exceptional Roofing Material: Firestone EPDM

This heavy-duty but lightweight sheet has these main properties that make them the best solution for roofing:

  • Excellent durability
  • Seamless waterproof sheets
  • High flexibility
  • Cheap life-cycle cost
  • Flame-free installation
  • Eco-friendly

Professional Installation: Brandes Roofing

Find roofers and tradesmen that you can trust! At Brandes Roofing, we have more than 40 years of experience in the domestic and commercial roofing industry. Specialised in properly installing Firestone EPDM rubber membrane, you will never have to worry about poorly laid out sheets!

With our high-calibre services, you can expect superior craftsmanship and strict compliance with building codes. We have satisfied our most meticulous and discerning clients which have greatly enriched our Birmingham flat roofing reviews.

Whether you’re looking for residential flat roofs or other spaces such as porches, verandas, carports, garages, garden sheds and balconies, we can help you build your vision! Get in touch with our specialists today! Feel free to call us via 0121 478 1024 if you have any enquiries. You can also message us through brandesroofing@gmail.com.

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What is the cheapest flat roof system?

If you are looking for Birmingham flat roofing on a minimal budget, one of the best options to consider is EPDM rubber. It is a high-density versatile material that’s less expensive compared to the PVC roof membrane.

How do flat roofs drain?

Just like other types of roofs, a low-slope roof uses gravity for drainage. A common method is to have the flat roof slope slightly downwards to a drain located at the centre which is connected to the building’s sewage system.

How flat is a flat roof?

A levelled house roofing is not necessarily a completely horizontal plane. By industry definition, a flat roof is angled at around one to ten degrees. Although, a roof that measures 12.5 degrees can still be classed under the same category. Assuming that standard methods are followed, flat roofing products can be used in inclined or pitched roofs.

What is the minimum angle for a flat roof?

The International Building Code established that a flat roof, specifically those that are made of tar or asphalt, must slope down or up by at least a quarter of an inch for every foot or 12 inches. This equates to a 1.19-degree angle.

Do you need stones on a flat roof?

It is recommended to have a top layer of stones or gravel on flat roofs, as these function as a protective row for the roofing materials underneath. For single layer roof types, the gravel helps in securing and weighing down the roof.

Short History Of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs were originally seen in places with warmer climates, but after the Second World War this roof type became widely popular in the United Kingdom. Homeowners and builders have adopted it due to cheaper construction and material cost in comparison to the traditional pitched roofs.

These roofs were named as ‘flat’ because they were designed to be laid to a fall, making sure that rainwater will flow to the lower side.

The Next Generations of Flat Roof

The next generation of flat roofs are mainly made of heavy-duty fibreglass to improve strength and longevity. For easier construction, the fibreglass material is applied in a liquid form that hardens in no time.

There are two main options:

  • Standard Flat Roof

    This is recommended for garages and outbuildings. The mixture consists of tough polyester resin membrane and a layer of primer on an 18mm OSB3 Deck.

  • Eco-Flat Roof

    This option is essentially standard plus extra insulation which is suitable for keeping your home warm and cosy. Apart from the aforementioned components, the eco-flat roof includes a 120mm insulation and a vapour control layer.

Flat Roof Maintenance

House maintenance experts advise homeowners to inspect their plane house ceiling at least twice a year, especially before the start of the winter season when properties can suffer from the extreme cold temperatures. Make sure to check if the roof has any cracks, holes or any rifts. If so, have them repaired immediately.

Whether your roof is built with shingles, asphalt, or thatched, it is susceptible to damage. Brandes Roofing has professionals that can conduct a Birmingham flat roofing system assessment to know if your roof is in need of urgent repairs. Call us via 0121 478 1024 and we’ll schedule a visit as soon as possible!