Choosing between roofing companies in Birmingham is something you don’t want to rush. After all, you want a durable roof that protects you and your property from all the elements. Additionally, the quality of the roof installed can affect your home’s value. Thus, working with the best roofers in Birmingham is what you and your family deserve.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a roofer, and it’s important to ensure that the one you ultimately choose is both trustworthy and competent. By keeping certain things in mind, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Types of Roofer Services

From installing roofs to repairing them, roofing companies in Birmingham, UK, can perform a variety of roofing services. Generally, they should be proven to be qualified and certified before offering their services, to ensure quality results. Here are some of the services that roofers generally offer:

  • Insulation

    Installing proper roof insulation and maintaining it, to help keep your household safe while also adding value to your home. Roofers can also remove old insulation before installing a new one.

  • Gutter maintenance

    People can clean and maintain gutters on their own, but hiring a roofer to do the work can be the safest choice, especially if you do not have the equipment to safely do the task yourself. Hiring a professional will also ensure you that they get the job done in minimal time.

  • Tiling

    If your roof is missing a few tiles, it’s best to leave the repairs to a professional roofer. You can ask a roofing company for help with the type of tile you have. If you have fragile tiles, you can entrust them to roofing experts, as they are trained and experienced in carefully handling them.

  • Slating

    Whether slates need repair or replacement services, tradesmen from top roofing companies in Birmingham will be able to tell the difference. In particular, listed properties will benefit from keeping the original slates. A roofer will also be able to secure undamaged but loose slates once again.

Before Hiring a Roofer

It’s a good idea to talk to the roofing company that you’d like to work with. To get a better idea if they’re the right roofer for you, you can ask the following questions:

  • How many hours does the roofer work per week?
  • Do they work on weekends?
  • What materials will they use for your roof?
  • What does the roofer usually do in case of inclement weather?
  • How long will the work take?

Whatever you and the roofer agree upon, it must be put into writing in the form of a contract. Both you and the roofer must agree to all the terms and conditions in the contract.

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How do I know if a roofing company is legit?

Make sure that you’re aware of the kind of insurance, bond, and licensing that a roofing company has. A trusted roofing company in Birmingham will have these documents in order and up-to-date.

Watch out for companies that ask for money upfront or offer contracts with vague terms and conditions. To protect yourself against these scammers, be sure to pick a local company with a good reputation.

How much do you put down on a new roof?

Usually, you have to put down a deposit that is equivalent to around 15% of the total cost of gutter repair services, insulation installation, and other services. Roofing companies typically offer reasonable terms so you can negotiate the cost of this deposit.

Which kind of roof lasts the longest?

Concrete, clay, and slate roofs are sturdy and long-lasting. They outperform other types of roofs made of metal or asphalt; however, some homeowners still go for these roofing types because they also have their advantages.

What should a roofing estimate look like?

Ask professional roofing companies in Birmingham for an estimate when you’re discussing the terms of your project with them. The estimate should include the costs of the following:

  • Materials
  • Labour
  • Permits

The estimate may also include the cost of debris removal from the site, if necessary.

What roof is best for hail?

Whilst rubber roofing, asphalt shingles, and metal roofing can all withstand hail quite well, rubber roofing may be the best option. Asphalt shingle roofing will not be able to withstand large hailstones.

The Ultimate Roofers Guide

Local agencies for house roof installation and repairs can be easier to investigate, and you can ask around for recommendations. Most likely, people in your area will be able to name a couple of companies that do good work.

You can also do your own research to see what a company specialises in. For instance, there are firms making flat roof installations, firms that specialise in roof gardens, and more.

Tips for Choosing A Roofing Company

  • Go local. Local companies will have a better knowledge of regulations in your area, aside from the advantage of working with roofers that operate near your house.
  • Check their insurance. This will let you know what you can expect in the event that an accident occurs on your property.
  • You can try to haggle or find lower quotes, but it’s also important to remember that you get what you pay for. Not only will good roofing protect you and your property, it will also improve your house value as well.

What to Look For in a Roofing Company

If a roofing company offers you low initial estimates or puts pressure on you to make quick decisions when it’s unnecessary, you may not be talking to a good roofing company. You should also be wary of companies or contractors that first approach you to offer their services without even doing a proper initial inspection.

For trustworthy roofers and top-notch roofing services, Brandes Roofing are just a phone call away. We offer initial and planning consultations for free, and our roofers are guaranteed to start work on the agreed-upon date. Contact us today for all your roofing needs.