Our roofers Birmingham-wide are skilled in working with uPVC fascia, gutter, and soffit solutions on all types of roofs. The materials we use guarantee weather-resistance to help prevent erosion and rotting.

UPVC Fascia Boards

Fascia boards may not be the most interesting feature on your house. However, they do play an incredibly important role.

The fascia is a long board that’s attached at the point where the roof meets the walls. It supports the bottom row of roof tiles and all the guttering.

To perform well in this role, it needs to be robust and weather-resistant while being low-maintenance. Fascia boards come in a wide variety of materials in different colours, and in both plain and more decorative styles for you to choose from, to suit your taste and needs.

If you want to maximise your home’s kerb appeal, your roof fittings need to look good as well as perform their role.

Fascia boards provide the last line of support for the lower edge of the bottom row of roof tiles or shingles. They are what your gutters are attached to, which makes it even more critical that they’re installed properly so they perform their function, even during torrential downpours.


Soffits are the exposed sidings that stand underneath your roof’s overhang. They’re not often visible from a distance in terms of kerb appeal, as they are located on the underside of your roof.

However, soffits are still visible when standing underneath them or nearby at street level. Soffits are usually the same design and colour as your home’s siding, depending on your taste and preferences.

They can be made from wood, aluminium or vinyl, each of which provides similar characteristics. They will protect your home and improve its aesthetic appearance at the same time.

Soffits are an important part of your home as they help maintain a steady airflow between your roof and attic which effectively prevents the build-up of mould, and helps release heat from your attic during the hot summer months.


Essentially, the function of a gutter is to provide a channel for redirecting water. Gutters are designed to minimise erosion by guiding water to a drain or safe area.

Although they have a limited capacity and may overflow, they still effectively remove a large volume of water. You’ll find rain gutters affixed to your roof and they are usually made of aluminium, copper, or plastic.

The gutters alongside your roof catch rainwater as it washes down the roof’s surface. This water is then channelled through downspouts where it makes its exit from your home.


The gutter reduces erosion of the building and the ground below, and may greatly decrease the risk of basement flooding and foundation damage by redirecting water away from the property.

As one of the most trusted providers of roofing and guttering services in Birmingham and the West Midlands, part of the service we provide at Brandes Roofing includes advice on how to look after the fascias, soffits & guttering on your home and help to ensure a safe home for your family and loved ones.

We ensure roofing services of the highest quality while being dedicated to delivering work that reflects our ethical commitment and experience of craftsmanship.